32 World Gliding Championship 2012 Uvalde, USA

Sebastian Kawa of Poland has won 15 m !


31 World Gliding Championship 2010 Szeged, Hungary

 Stefano Ghiorzo of Italy has won 15 m!


Sebastian Kawa has won  the 3rd Grand Prix in Chile.



This is his 3rd Grand Prix victory and all this titles were won flying the Diana 2.

During this contest he won four out of the eight days. Thomas Gostner, who also flew the Diana 2, also won one day. In eight days of competition, the Diana 2 won five and two of these days were in 1st and 2nd place. On the last day, Sebastian Kawa easily passes the other gliders on his final glide.





List of  Winners

1st place -Sebastian Kawa 3rd FAI World Grand Prix, 2010 Santiago,Chile

3rd place - Sebastian Kawa   Chilean National  2009 Santiago, Chile 

2nd place-Lukasz Wojcik   15th European Gliding Championship, 2009 Nitra, Slovakia

1st place - Sebastian Kawa Pribina Cup, 2009 Nitra, Slovakia

2nd place - Lukasz Wojcik  Pribina Cup, 2009 Nitra, Slovakia

1st place - Thomas Gostner   2009 15m Italian Nationals

2nd place - Stefano Ghiorzo  2009 15m Italian Nationals

 1st place - Sebastian Kawa  World Air Games 2009 Turin, Italy

1st place -Thomas Gostner   Chilean National  2009 Santiago, Chile

2nd place- Janusz Centka    30th World Gliding Championship 2008 Lusse, Germany

1st place -  Sebastian Kawa   2nd FAI World Grand Prix  2007 Omarama, New Zealand

2nd place- Tomasz Krok        1st Polish 15m Class Championship 2007 Leszno, Poland

1stplace - Sebastian Kawa   1st Polish 15m Class Championship

1stplace - Janusz Centka   14th European Gliding Championship 2007 Issoudun, France

2ndplace- Karol Staryszak 14th European Gliding Championship 2007 Issoudun, France

1st place - Janusz Centka  29th World Gliding Championship 2006 Eskilstuna, Sweden

1st place -  Janusz Centka  31st Open Class Polish Nationals  2006 Leszno, Poland

1st place -  Sebastian Kawa  1st FAI World Grand Prix          2005 Saint-Aubain, France

2nd place - Janusz Centka  13th European Gliding Championship   2005 Rayskala, Finland

1st place -  Janusz Centka    30th Open Class Polish Nationals.     2005 Leszno, Poland










   Janusz Centka

Sebastian Kawa

Thomas Gostner

Lukasz Wojcik